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2: Re: ns_sendmail (response to 1)
Posted by Mat Kovach on
ns_sendmail is defined in /usr/local/aolserver/modules/tcl/sendmail.tcl

It is not part of OpenACS.

3: Re: ns_sendmail (response to 2)
Posted by James Bennin on
Thank you for letting me know.  But isnt it used in OpenACS?  I believe so because in my error log I keep getting this error:

[21/Aug/2003:16:41:29][4410.237579][-sched:9-] Error: ns_sendmail failed: could not connect to "localhost:25"

4: Re: ns_sendmail (response to 2)
Posted by Mat Kovach on
Yes, it is used in OpenACS.  The problem you are having is that (as the error messages states), your machine can not connect to localhost ( port 25.

Do you have a mail server running on the server?
netstat -na | grep 25

Can you telnet to localhost, port 25
telnet localhost 25

You might have to change the settings in the your conifg file to point to a working mail server on your network:
ns_param  mailhost ;# SMTP host for ns_sendmail