Forum OpenACS Development: Re: warning: categories in cvs head broken

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Sorry, fixed.
Sure? There are no changes CVS. Is your chain still broken?
..forgot to tip...
categories is an infrastructure package with some properties like kernel (other packages might depend on it). Formally, there is no need to tip, and since it is a conservative update, it should not break anything. But it would be nice to inform people about the new functionality and document it somehow (wiki?).

But my post was not about this at all, but only about the fact that it is broken (every package using it will stop working due to the missing sql updates, you won't be able to install it).

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I think this time I got it right.

As for documentation, yes, you are right. Here is what you can do now:

When mapping a category tree you can define which widget you are going to use, radio, select, checkbox, multiselect. This in effect will set the parameters for multiple select or not.

Now you are able to control the look and feel of categories easier and better, hopefully making any custom "type" categories easily redundant.