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Posted by Denis Barut on
following my las message, I've the same thing when a ask to receive alert in the form (instant) :

        select notification_request__new(NULL,'notification_request','3959','8983','25252','3133','3135','text',NULL,'8983','',NULL);'
NOTICE:  Adding missing FROM-clause entry for table "acs_object_id_seq"
NOTICE:  identifier "acs_object__initialize_attributes" will be truncated to "acs_object__initialize_attribut"

is my system corrupt !?
thank you
2: Re: Hang the system (2) (response to 1)
Posted by Tilmann Singer on
These messages are nothing to worry about, the 'truncating ...' just means you are running a postgres version with a short limit for identifier length.

See this thread for some more info (the problems described there only occur when you try to upgrade pg though):