Forum OpenACS Development: Recommended format from database for dt_format input?

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While playing with  the news package I ran into the problem that in some cases dates are selected without telling postgres how to format them. The result is passed to the proc dt_format, which bombs with a message from tcl's clock scan command:

unable to convert date-time string "2003-09-06 23:13:42.686629+02"

Is there a required configuration setting for postgres that I missed, which sets the output date format (analogous to NLS_DATE_FORMAT  for oracle), or should we explicitely format the dates before passing them to dt_format, e.g. querying them like this:

to_char(some_date, 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI');  + timezone somehow

(This should be in the dt_format api doc I guess)

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Is dt_format deprecated in favor of lc_time_fmt? A note in dt_format's api-doc would save from further confusion if that is true ...
Posted by Lars Pind on