Forum OpenACS Development: Install problem: admin relationship role duplicated between kernel and .LRN

I just tracked down (I think) another installation problem with .LRN on head right now, namely those two conflicting statements:

-- In acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/groups-create.sql:
attr_id := acs_rel_type__create_role (''admin'', ''Administrator'', ''Administrators'');

-- In dotlrn/sql/postgresql/dotlrn-init.sql
perform acs_rel_type__create_role(''admin'', ''<span>#</span>dotlrn.admin_role_pretty_name#'', ''<span>#</span>dotlrn.admin_role_pretty_plural#'');

I guess it's the admin role in .LRN that will need to go or be renamed, right?

I added the OpenACS role.

Just make .LRN use the OpenACS one.