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26: Re: Rich text input (response to 25)
Posted by Lars Pind on
The resulting ' link"> ' is a quoting bug, which I've just now fixed on HEAD:

The <p> ... </p> around the contents is an attempt to make the  output proper HTML, but it does result in annoying whitespace.

Any better suggestion? Should we resort to open-ended <p>'s between paragraphs like we used to?

The code that does this is these two lines in util_convert_line_breaks_to_html in packages/acs-tcl/tcl/text-html-procs.tcl, in case you want to take it out on your own system:

    # Wrap P's around paragraphs
    set text "<p>$text</p>"
    regsub -all {([^\n\s])\n\n([^\n\s])} $text {\1</p><p>\2} text


27: Re: Rich text input (response to 26)
Posted by xx xx on
Thanks for fixing this bug.

As far as I can see "<p> ... </p> around the contents" prevents us from using this formwidget inline. An inline_p switch would therefore be useful, IMO.