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4: multi-db support is done (response to 1)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
I completed multi-database support for the db_* API on the Head back in April. Therefore, the info Jerry and Russel give above is accurate for OpenACS 4.6.x and earlier, but not for the OpenACS Head - what will be OpenACS 5.0.

Steve, if you need or want multi-db support in your current 4.6.x OpenACS, it shouldn't be too hard to backport the code from the Head, it's fairly self-contained. There changes however, were in three different places: The acs-tcl package, the acs-bootstrap-installer package, and the etc/config.tcl file.

Posted by Steve Manning on
Thanks Andrew - I think we cross posted. Its really encouraging that everytime I ask about a feature its already been considered and is  usually in the HEAD :)

The project isn't due just yet - I will continue with a copy of the tables in the OACS DB and hopefully 5 will be released before I need to go live - otherwise I'll backport the changes  to whatever version I use.

Thanks again.