Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS Core Team Selection Issues

Posted by Lars Pind on
Frank, this is a tangent from the voting issue, but you're absolutely right.

I could definitely see a newsletter happening if someone would volunteer to ping me and any other developer, say, every week or every other week to ask what I was up to, and then compile the list and post it somewhere.

I could see it happening in other ways, too, but I think that would be a good way to get it off the ground.

The "here's how you get involved" doc is important, and I encourage you and others to start compiling that as well. I have some thoughts, but I think it's best if a recent newcomer takes the time to write the "what I wish I'd found in a document when I started" document.

Mentor: Also yes.

There are many great ideas, we just need to pick some and make them happen.


Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
Back to how we can select an electorate for the upcoming election.

We have 24 committers. This pool is both too small and not inclusive of non-coders.

If we want to count everybody who's posted in the last three months, how many people is that? We have about thirty new posters per month, 130 different people post every month, and we have around a thousand posts a month. So we could pick an electorate size, such as 100 people, and then choose the cutoff that comes closest to that number. I.e., at least one post in the last three months would probably get hundreds, two posts in the last three months might get a hundred. (recent posters)

Should we then email all of these people to tell them that there's an election? What kind of turnout could we expect?

How will we nominate candidates? Is the potential candidate pool the committers, the electorate, or anybody? Can people put their own names up? Must nominations be seconded before names show up on the ballot?

How long is the election? 48 hours?