Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Error installing tcl 8.4x (how to solve)

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
To remember how a tcl component was configured: Check out e.g. tdom/unix/config.log it contains at the top the last configure command.

To address the "maybe": check out /web/nsd45/lib/ which contains most likely the 64bit flags.

Posted by Tom Jackson on
Yes tdom/unix/config.log does contain the last command line, but it isn't general. Tcl puts it in config.status, not in config.log I also copy the file around when I update to a new version, so a separate file helps me find what I did last.

I compiled Tcl with --enable-64bit as shown above. In AOLserver I don't see any 64bit flags (tcl cc is gcc -pipe) and config.log doesn't seem to do any checking, but the arch is x86_64. Whatever the reason, I didn't need to put the --enable-64bit option when doing configure for tDOM or AOLserver.