Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Any comment from the community?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
This thread has left all technical grounds, but i will add a small comment against my own principles in order to reduce false information and rumors. Don said:
Gustaf has long said he has no interest in supporting Oracle.

And his shit is BSD, rather than GPL.

Now, recently, Gustaf has been encouraged to support Oracle

(Jon: read ... MONEY)

What i have said for a long time was that i did not have an installation to work on Oracle and that i am not happy about developments that increase the maintenaince costs of xotcl-core and xowiki on my side.

The platform situation has changed by the nice people from UNED who gave me access to their Oracle installation. On my side, I have developed an easy-to-maintain SQL layer. I did not receive *any* money for any of this work, i did this out of personal interest. Actually, nobody even encouraged me to provide oracle support (there was actually more discouragement). I have learned something during developing this layer, and i think the results are quite good.

Don, please don't talk about things that you don't know. And thanks for the clear words what you think about my contributions.