Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ::Users: unabled to dispatch method 'ad_doc' during '::Users ad_doc'

Hi Gustaf,

Thanks for your answer. I'm still getting the error :(, sorry but I've just started to explore the oacs w/XOTcl world. I'm using oacs-5-3 (aol45, ora10g & ws2003) and have read your faq. The only way I've found to verify if XOTcl has been loaded properly is through the server log and it seems to be loaded ok since there are no errors and I got the "Loading ...packages\xotcl*" messages. OACS starts up successfully but as soon as the server gets any hit I got the server error. it looks like something wasn't loaded properly (this method library) but How can I verify this? What exactly this 'dispatch method' means and How could I debug it?

Thanks a lot!