Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Best version of xowiki and xotcl to download!?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
I see, you are on the oacs-5-2 branch. The xotcl-core and xowiki versions in the oacs-5-3 branch really depend on he oacs-5-3. You can try to source the update script, but i would recommend the following:
  • make a dump of your database
  • source the update-script mentioned above

But this will not solve the problem with content_type__create_attribute(). It seems that PostgreSQL had in earlier version problems with adding attributes with default values (the error message is: ERROR: adding columns with defaults is not implemented), see as well

Apparently, this has changed in postgres 8.*. xowiki passes the default value in the table_spec (arg 8), which is the only way to add it through the oacs interface to the database. It seems that in postgres 7.*, one had to add the column without the default value and perform an ALTER TABLE SET DEFAULT. this could be achieved by altering content_type__create_attribute() in oacs-5-2 for 7.4. Not sure, whether this is worth the effort. The problem does not exist in PostgreSQL 8.*. Isn't upgrading to postgres 8.* an option for you?