Forum OpenACS Development: Strange behavior.

Posted by Jorge Couchet on

I have found the following problem (perhaps a misunderstanding mine):

If I put inside of an *.xql file the following code (and restart the server):


rdbms type postgresql /type version 8.2.4 /version /rdbms


The queries inside of the file aren't recognized (and if you inside of the APM uses "Reload this package", the xql file that uses the previous code always seems to be changed).

But if I put ("8.2" instead of "8.2.4"):


rdbms type postgresql /type version 8.2 /version /rdbms


All works fine!

Strange, it is not true?



P.D: I'not using the <> with the code above (the XML inside of the xql file) in order to avoid the security restrictions with the HTML tags.