Forum OpenACS Q&A: Ajax Experience Conference

Posted by Tracy Adams on
I'll be attending the Ajax Experience Conference for the next several days. Please let me know if there is anything you'd like me to check out or if you have suggestions for things to look at.

The agenda is here:

Posted by Robert Taylor on
that looks like fun. i don't have any requests but would be curious to hear about any interesting things you run into.
Posted by Olga C. Santos on
Hi Tracy,

I hope you enjoy the conference. I think it would be relevant for the OpenACS/dotLRN community (which is very much focused removing the access barriers when using the platform) to be aware of the current advances on coping with accessibility requirements when using AJAX. I think this input will be very useful for those current developments that are being carried out in AJAX, so they don't break the accessibility level which has been achieved with the great work of the people involved in the Zen project.

In this sense, Chris Blouch's speach sound rather promissing "Implementing Accessible Ajax". I would appreaciate you share with the community the key issues that are presented there.

Thank you.