Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: XoWiki Howto: Permissions

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Mainentance issue: if the three groups work on different issues, it is pretty clear what to find in which wiki. if an xowiki instance is mounted within another xwiki instances, this looks to the user like three different subfolders. In such a situation, moving from a single wiki to n-wikis is a one-time situation, involving an export and an import - it does not need a programmer. altering the name to a name + folder prefix should be a no-brainer, but i have never used lors and i do not know, what carl uses in detail.

how many groups are there? about how many wiki pages are we talking?

one can certainly think about more clever solutions involving some programming - but for this i would need more detailed knowledge about the situation.

what means "while the learning module is active"?

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Thanks Gustaf,

Policy 3 sounds like what I was asking for. Will try it out.

Re: How many groups
Right now we have ~5-10 distinct groups using the Wiki with overlap in content. A flat hierarchy makes sense to most people, but we have given some groups their own instances when it is clear they needed them and it has been hard to make it clear in the UI for members of these groups that there are different Wikis with different permissions. This is why I will likely explore page level permissions for future groups with clear labeling of those permissions on the rendered page.

Re: LORS with Wiki integration
We want to be able to lock down a page when it is included in a graded learning module (locking in the same way the wikipedia locks certain articles when they are linked from the front page).