Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Automated Install, Configuration, and Test

Posted by Randy O'Meara on
Thanks for telling us your intent, Don. BTW, thanks for creating this feature. In addition to your original intent, it is really helpful in configuring a newly reinstalled devel site with minimum keystrokes. Something I sometimes do 25 times in one day. This feature along with the .LRN tclwebtest install scripts makes it a 2 minute task.

Dave: am I understanding correctly that you're using the sh/tclsh front-end to Til's tclwebtest inside of openacs somehow? How is it controlled? Do you have it hooked to run once on site install? Or, is there some way to define multiple command/response (test) files and run tclwebtest within openacs from a web admin UI?

The http.tcl lib (on my RH9 system) is located in: