Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Adding a new group type

Posted by tammy m on

Doesn't it suck when someone just tells you it works for them and lets it go?! Sorry, I got lightheaded and realized I should probably eat something!

But I thought of something else. I don't think the name of the group type (Group Type) can have any characters other than letters or underscore in it (no spaces).

If that's not it, try calling group_type::new -group_type $object_type -supertype $supertype $pretty_name $pretty_plural directly and see if it gives ya better error information.

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Vincent, the error message you posted is not helpful, it just says that _something_ went wrong in the db. Check the docs or these forums about how to find the actual error messages from the database (in the error log before the error you posted, or allegedly on the result page when the new postgres driver is used.)