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Posted by Lars Pind on
I think we all agree on the goal of getting a nice CR API, and that it looks like BCMS provides the best basis that we have (still haven't heard from Jeff, not sure what he's done).

The concern is what we can manage to get into 5.0.0.

Like I've mentioned before, I'm hoping that we can get a steady cycle of releases every 3 months after this, so that if something doesn't make it into one release, it won't be so long until the next one.

And the trickiness of the current situation, of course, is that the authentication stuff is very core, so whatever APIs we rely on *will* be a hard requirement for any OpenACS installation.

So should we aim at rolling the basic create, set, delete API procs into acs-content-repository for 5.0.0?

We're still aiming at a firm, tested, release date of no later than November 1st, which would have to mean a firm code freeze no later than October 1st. Preferably well before then.

(Waiting for Joel to jump in with some release planning thoughts here...)