Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OT: Best home-office router?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Years ago I used a Linksys router of some sort. This was back when the Linksys was almost the only such under $200 router available. When I wanted 80211.b as well I switched to a D-Link DI-714; I've used two of these in different locations. (I never upgraded firmware, but what I have appears to be the latest.)

Basically, I'm not happy with the DI-714, mostly because of various reliability problems:

  • Every once in a long while (weeks or months) the router clearly goes insane and needs to be rebooted - ping times to the router of 4 or 5 seconds (normally 0.5 ms!), web pages that load but at what looks like 2400 baud speed, etc.
  • I sometimes experience short connectivity outages which are clearly my ISPs fault, not the router's (e.g., I can ping the router and the cable modem but not my ISP's gateway router that the cable modem talks to).