Forum OpenACS Q&A: Problems uploading files with Macs


We are having problems when we upload files from
Macs (both Firefox / Safari) to OpenACS.

Randomly, when I click the submit button, the browser
remains with "sending message" many time.

We have one load balancer in front of AOLserver.
The behaviouor is the same with NGINX or POUND.

If I eliminate the balancer, the upload always is
Ok. The file size is not important. In Windows always
works Ok.

Anyone have any experience with this?
Any pointer to resolve it?


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
What exact version of aolserver do you use? If you are using an early version of aolserver 4.0.10, make sure that HAVE_POLL is not defined (e.g. manually remove the definition after configure) and compile again.