Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Permissions system questions

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Jason, you wrote:
Essentially the problem as I see it boils down to the fact that for every single GENERAL_COMMENTS object we're getting between 300 and 1100 ACS_PERMISSIONS rows written, each granting Read permission to a system user.

i am no expert on general-comments, but i still wonder, what is going on. I don't see the behavior you are describing on my test installation. From your description, it sounds like the

	    permission::grant -object_id $comment_id \
		              -party_id $user_id \
		              -privilege "read"
in general_comment_new adds for every member of party a tuple to acs_permissions. In current versions of OpenACS, i see no code doing this, neither in PostgreSQL nor in Oracle. What version of OpenACS are you using? On PostgreSQL or Oracle? Are you sure that you have no custom version of general-comments, that differs form the released code?