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3: Re: XoWiki import error (response to 2)
Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Gustaf,

You where right. My XoWiki version was too old, and an update solved the problem. However, I have a version compatibility problem that I can't solve right now. I have one XoWiki instance that I've exported from another site, wich should be version 0.4X, and i'm using the latest version (0.60). I need to import the contest from this old version, wich I can't upgrade, to a new version.

I've tried to do it, but it seems like the new XoWiki import method has a new parameter: __file_content. This parameters isn't in the old version I exported, but it's required to import in the new version. Do you think there's any workaround to make it work?

4: Re: XoWiki import error (response to 3)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
At the time, file export/import was implemented (march 1), __file content was added. The interface has not changed in this regard. If i compare version numbers with the dates, this relates to xowiki 0.48.

My recommendation is
- to upgrade the site from where you want to export to xowiki 0.48 (this include support for the File export) and
- then export from the old site and
- import into the new site.