Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: using underscores while searching

Posted by alex vorobiev on
listbuilder notes:

1) copied acs-templating/tcl-list-procs.tcl
and acs-templating/resources/lists from CVS/HEAD to the appropriate locations in my 4.6.3 distribution

2) from what i understand (which is not clear from the docs) the -multirow switch sets a "virtual" multirow name; i HAD to use the "db_multirow" statement to -extend the above "virtual" multirow name in order to map it to the actual query in the .xql file.

3) the 4.6.3 will not render the @element;noquote@ tag because my distribution doesn't have the latest subst code??

Posted by Jade Rubick on
See my docs on noquote, also on You might consider making a similar repository of what you discover while learning OpenACS. It's a good way to keep track of what you learn, and it makes it easy for other people too. :)

You can just take out the ;noquote portion. That's a 5.0 security feature.

I don't know the answer to #2.

Posted by alex vorobiev on
excellent point about a notes repository...  one downside is that these repositories seem to proliferate, i find myself going through your site, jon's, collaboraid's, jun's, openacs docs...  hopefully, one day we can merge them into docs for the main site :).

my notes on point 2) are somewhat incorrect: the -extend switch has nothing to do with multirow mapping, it allows to extend the multirow with extra columns...  but some kind of db_multirow statement is necessary when using the list-builder, at least something like this:


thanks for the noquote pointers.  i am thinking about switching to development in 5.0 so i won't have to do porting later