Forum OpenACS Q&A: splitting subdomains between aolserver and apache


I have different parts of my site - semi-static / php pages being served via apache and dynamic page / administration done via OpenACS. I would like to retains session control by running both parts under different hostnames under the same domain, and therefore being able to access the openacs user and session cookies from my static / php pages.

What is the best way to do this? Use apache as a front end proxy server, proxying to the url of my openacs instance, or can I assign subdomains to a unique IP each and then get apache to listen to one IP and aolserver another?



Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
If you have two public IP addresses available, use them, one for Apache, one for AOLserver. This is much simpler and better. If you only have one IP address, then you need to decide how to do the proxying. Many people only have one public IP address available, thus all the discussion that goes on about how to set up proxies.