Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Can we compare .LRN with WebCT

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

We are in the process of migrating from WebCT to .LRN (University of Heidelberg).
Both .LRN and WebCT have their strengths and weaknesses and matching a platform to your needs is not an easy job.

An  important strength of .LRN is that you can help fix its weaknesses. Here are some major things that we have been helping fix (with others in the OpenACS community) that might interest you (so we can switch in October)

1. The lack of internationalization so that new translations of the platform can be easily added (just finished)
2. The lack of external authentication so that people can use the same password that they use for other systems at their university (most of which should be finished this month)

There are also some things that are on the top of our todo list we must address for Heidelberg
1. Advanced testing tool (the testing tool in WebCT is very mature)
2. Grading/Evaluation tool
3. Course registration tool

One weakness you could probably fix before .LRN 2.0 is released is the lack of a Turkish translation (the internationalization package makes translation very easy - little if any technical knowledge is needed). This a something that WebCT doesn't have the last time I checked. :-) Peter Marklund should get around to updating the translation server soon.


Thanks for publishing that address... great work!

How do we go about adding your work to the edutools site? Once we have stuff up on the site how hard is it to change/improve it?

Note: Can you check the permissions on your site? I was not able to add comments or use ETP after registering.