Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Why is OpenACS becoming so slow?

Posted by Rildo Pragana on
Hi Jade,

Ok, here's is the site map:

/    Main Site    ACS Subsite
  (-) Rildo/    subsite    ACS Subsite
          1/    cal    Calendar
          2/    e-commerce    E-Commerce
          3/    news    News
          4/    survey    Survey
      (+) 5/    blog    Lars Blogger
          6/    photos    Photo Album
          7/    postcard    postcard
      acs-admin/    Site-Wide Administration    Site-Wide Administration
      acs-content-repository/    ACS Content Repository    ACS Content Repository
      acs-service-contract/    ACS Service Contract    ACS Service Contract
      api-doc/    ACS API Browser    ACS API Browser
      attachments/    Attachments    Attachments
      doc/    ACS Core Documents    ACS Core Documents
      forums/    forums    Forums
      notifications/    Notifications    Notifications
      rss-support/    RSS Support    RSS Support

Most pages are dynamic, but the same happens with Plone (Zope's CMS). The permissions are most what came after I installed. I have vacuumed the service0 database just before the measurement.

Thanks for your time answering my question!

best regards,
Rildo Pragana