Forum OpenACS Development: recordset cached when using list-builder with paginator?

stock 4.6.3 with list-builder and paginator code copied from HEAD (about a week ago)...

1. add a bunch of records; let's say you have 5 records
2. click on column headers to order by diff. columns, click on "reverse sort order". leave one column header link unvisited
3. add a new record
4. click on any of the visited column links from (2): only see 5 records, the new one is not showing up
5. click on the unvisited column link from above: all 6 records showing up
refreshing page doesn't help... browser configured to fetch the page every time. using a diff. browser - same results.

it seems that the recordset is getting cached on the server? once i remove the paginator stuff from my .tcl and .xql files, i can fetch a complete result set with all 6 records

here is the tcl and xql code with pagination: code

That is exactly why I need to merge my stuff with Lars. The old paginator caches the result set, mine doesn't and is faster to boot (thus I don't need to cache.) You will also notice that ordering is broken as well as many other things.
I don't have time to do the merge but the code at my site is available for anyone who feels like combining the two.

Try setting the "page_flush_p" parameter to "1" in your "list::create" command (ie, -page_flush_p 1).

Does that work?

robert, thanks, didn't help tho...

now, with or without the page_flush_p, no matter what i set my page_size to, the entire result set appears on all the pages...

i am giving up for now.  under different circumstances i would be happy to work on merging jon's code with lars', but the 2,500 lines of the list-builder are making my head spin; and i think that someone with more openacs experience and knowledge of inner working could do this much easier and faster...

duh...  robert, it did work, thanks a lot!

i forgot to add the page_where_clause back in after i had removed it.  now, when i add new records, they show up as they should.

phew.  moving on...