Forum OpenACS Development: Re: site layout and 4.x Browsers

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Some design meditation aids:

All use the same html, are readable in browsers that do not have decent css support, and look great in the others. Would be nice to have the html  to a point where it does not have to be changed again. With some work maybe OpenACS could become The Toolkit for Online Community CSS Zen? ;)
See Don's relevant css zazen TIP:

Posted by Andrei Popov on
That is really amazing! The downside is that to get to that point for entire OpenACS we'd have to go through a lot of ACS Templating and whatever other utility/generated code is there (table is used almost everywhere where layout is considered necessary).
Posted by Steve Ivy on

Just to be clear, I'm talking right now about, not the entire OACS. So, yes, there'd be some work to do but it could be done over time and then slowly moved back into the toolkit.