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7: Re: Server melting down (response to 6)
Posted by Patrick Giagnocavo on
C.R. , that seems tremendously high.

I would not be surprised to find performance increases if you dropped the threads to 20 and the db pools to say 15 apiece.

You could try using the nstelemetry.adp and loading the page a few times when the server is busy to see how many threads are actually busy.

My guess:  unless you are serving more than 5000 visitors per day the lower counts I recommend will be more than adequate.  A better number for RAM usage would be under 200; one client serves 50GBytes + per month of db-intensive pages and stays at about 100-115MB for the nsd8x process size.

You should probably bump up the amount of shared memory that Postgres uses and the buffers settings, etc. should also be increased.