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For 5.0, I think it's a worthy goal to have all pages use the templating system, so it's feasible to customize the mater template without suddenly being bumped into the good old <hr> layout style from time to time.

A quick and dirty approach, which I've used on some pages in the APM is the followingÆ

- Query replace all calls to "doc_body_append" with "append body"

- Remove calls to [ad_footer] or [apm_footer] or [acs_admin_footer] or whatnot

- Remove calls to [ad_header] or [apm_header] etc., and replace with the necessary

set page_title "The page's title"
set context [list [list trail...] [list trail...] $page_title]

Then provide a stupid, simple .adp file which simply says:

  <property name="title">@page_title;noquote@</property>
  <property name="context">@context;noquote@</property>


This will cause all pages to render correctly within the master template.

Anyone wants to volunteer for this job?