Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: macosx and no fullquery

Posted by Randy O'Meara on

I don't believe that the "...NO FULLQUERY ...db_table_exists.table_count..." message is an error. If I recall from perusal of my (HEAD based) error log over the weekend, there is no .xql file for that tcl page. I got the impression that it was intentional (no separate xql file, that is). It simply uses the sql defined inline. BTW, the compatibility message has been there for some time. I haven't investigated either.

If you're not seeing other problems related to the QD (query dispatcher) during the installation phase, I believe you can rule that out as the root cause of your problems.

If I were in your position, I would drop back to the supported version of aolserver and oacs, reinstall, and then pick *a* package (forums would do), and trace the steps of a single operation on that package with debug logging enabled.