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Posted by Andrew Spencer on

Dang. Recompiled nsopenssl, and it was stable for about 6 hours before crashing again. I guess I could always revert to older openssl libs, but am certainly reluctant to do so. :-( If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. My configuration is very similar to Jade's.

For the record, I've included the message I sent to the AOLserver list below.

I'm having trouble resolving an openssl issue. It seems to be
related to a recent system update of openssl. At first I thought
recompiling nsopenssl against the new openssl libraries would
fix the issue, however I am still seeing the problem.

The system is:
Debian 3.0
OpenSSL 0.9.6c-2
nsopenssl 2.1 (2.1a requires OpenSSL 0.9.7x and higher)
AOLserver 3.4.2-1

Once AOLserver starts, nsopenssl will usually remain stable for a
couple of hours. It inevitably crashes however, giving the client
this error:

" received a message with incorrect Message
Authentication Code. If the error occurs frequently, contact the
website administrator."

The server log reports:

"Error: nsopenssl: error -1/1 during SSL handshake"

Previous to the update to openssl, nsopenssl had been rock solid.
Any suggestions? I hope I'm just stupid and am missing something
obvious. Thanks in advance, and thanks already to Scott Goodwin
for his previous help.