Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: wrong PATH for postgres following installation doc -PLS HLP

Actually, current doc is ok -- .bashrc will be sourced by bash automatically when nsd runs as user nsadmin (but not as a login shell).

The ambuguity comes from the fact that with the changes applied to .bashrc only, and no sourcing of it in .bash_profile, yet checking the environment when logging in as nsadmin (running bash as login shell) -- changes don't get reflected.

Adding that single line to .bash_profile never hurts, and we should probably add that to the docs -- with or without it when nsd is started things will suddenly just work.

Another thing to add to docs could be a reference to bash(1) man page, as well as references to any other useful manual pages.

All the environment changes could also be made in nsd-postgres or nsd-oracle shell scripts (if they are still included in docs, not sure about it), as long as they are exported.