Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Announcing Project/Open

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Frank, my guess is that people aren't going to be very interested in your work unless and until you port it to OpenACS. Possibly you'll find some people (like Jade above) interested in helping you port it.

ACS 3.x is old, old, old. You never even hear anyone discuss it anymore. Yes there must still be people using it (former aD clients, etc.), but mostly they all forked their own internal codebase off ACS long ago, and never talk to any other ACS or OpenACS users at all. So you never hear much...

I was going to say it's unfortunate you didn't post some kind of heads up here earlier in the year before doing all that work - but actually I guess you did do that, you just didn't notice the discussion going on about dotWRK both before and after that.

Oh well, I bet you must've learned a lot about making the old ACS 3.x Intranet module meet various needs by now. What I remember from using it at aD was that it had lots of good stuff but was awfully kludgy in places. (I never looked at the code...) Probably much of your experience there would be useful if you ever want to contribute to the dotWRK stuff.