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22: Re: Upgrade problem (response to 21)
Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Gustaf,

I'm starting to think you are right about the compatibility problem. Maybe the new version of XoTCL can not be used in ACS-Core 5.2.3. The query you've mentioned returned the APM_PARAMETERS indeed. It has something to do with this diff:

It seems like the data model changed a lot between the oacs-5-2 and the oacs-5-3, wich makes me think a version upgrade will be needed in order to make XoTCL and XoWiki work appropriately. I could work in some changes to provide oacs-5-2 compatibility, but I don't know if it's worth. My upgrade fear is allways related to the compatibility of my systems, assuming all the changes I've done myself, but I guess there's no other way.

At least I can say the XoTCL 0.56.3 and XoWiki 0.60 are compatible with oacs-5-2. Thank you very much for all your help.