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Posted by bill kellerman on
i'd like to use the package, and if you are already looking at fixing it up, i'd really be in support of that. as far as what to do to get it up, do whatever is easiest to get it running most stable and stick on a big red flag, "real version due in v5"...?

first question, what is the logic for having multiple instances of clickthrough at all?  why not just the umbrella package over all subsites?  a set of referrer-to-target maps are the same thing no matter where they come from -- it's the  task of administrative reporting to make a presentational data distinction.  ...something.  it's too late for me, i'm missing some functional logic.

second question, assuming multiple instances exist for a reason, then assigning a cache per instance along with instance level parameters.

or similar to what seems to be done in other place in the openacs -- package level sets parameters and it's own cache.  an instance generates it's own cache, inherits parameters from package level to be configured by the user.

i hope this doesn't come off as condescending.  i'm still way trying to catch up on everything, so i'm really just trying to figure things out.