Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Major revision of the XOTcl interface to the Content Repository and to ACS objects and ACS Object Types in general

i have just now set up a fresh version of openacs 5.3.2 (from the tar file) and installed the head version of xotcl-core and xowiki, it installs nicely and runs the regression test. i have tried with 8.2.0, since i have no 8.1 version lying around anymore.

What is different on your "parallel systems", where you installed successfully? my strongest guess is that there is something special with your configuration.

some observations from your reports:
a) what is the strange quote in 'Ns_PgExec: result st"tus: 7 message: '??
b) in the "ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer:" there is a line break between null and the double quote
c) you did not report back the SQL statement causing the error, as i requested. It should look like:

CONTEXT:  SQL statement "INSERT INTO acs_attributes (attribute_id, object_type, table_name, column_name, attribute_name, pretty_name, pretty_plural, sort_order, datatype, default_value, min_n_values, max_n_values, storage, static_p) values ( $1 ,  $2 ,  $3 ,  $4 ,  $5 ,  $6 ,  $7 ,  $8 ,  $9 ,  $10 ,  $11 ,  $12 ,  $13 ,  $14 )"
PL/pgSQL function "acs_attribute__create_attribute" line 30 at SQL statement
): '
select acs_attribute__create_attribute('acs_object', 'object_id', 'integer', 'Object ID', null, null, null, null, '1', '1', null, 'type_specific', 'f'

I have the suspicion that there might be line-breaks in the passed arguments of the statement as well.

Can it be, that you are working on windows, an that some crlf line-terminators causing the problem?

What do you see, if you run

::xo::db::sql::acs_attribute get_function_args acs_attribute create_attribute
from ds/shell?