Forum OpenACS Q&A: RSA_FLAG_THREAD_SAFE is not used

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Curiously, in the openssl-0.9.7b sources, the line "#define RSA_FLAG_THREAD_SAFE 0x10" only ever appears in exactly one place:
$ find . -type f -print | xargs grep RSA_FLAG_THREAD_SAFE
./crypto/rsa/rsa.h:#define RSA_FLAG_THREAD_SAFE         0x10
but that's the only occurrence of the string "RSA_FLAG_THREAD_SAFE" anywhere in the sources. I thought perhaps the build process might do something funky to use that, so I did:
$ ./config threads shared
$ make
and checked again. Nope, no difference. Whatever that RSA_FLAG_THREAD_SAFE is supposed to be for, it appears to never be used. (On this Red Hat 7.3 system anyway.)