Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Major revision of the XOTcl interface to the Content Repository and to ACS objects and ACS Object Types in general

i doubt, that this is the same problem. xotcl-core (in cvs head) parses the default values for stored procedures from the source code of the stored procedures obtained from the PostgreSQL system catalogs. In a pure unix environment, this works fine; i would also assume it works ok in a pure windows environment. My guess was that in a mixed environment (running unix, but sourcing the crlf files) there might be a problem (null is often used as a default value, specified at the end of a line). Note that this effects only default values for stored procedures, not other default values (e.g. for non-positional arguments).

When reading crlf line terminated files in a unix environment, problems are not unlikely. In Tcl in general, input translation with "auto" translates all incoming cr, lf or crlf into a singe newline character. This should be fine. However, the SQL files are not read by Tcl, and might be a problem. But this was just a guess, no idea, if it was right.