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Posted by Lars Pind on
> Wouldn't it make sense to ask for people interested in
> taking over worker bee jobs, along with their preference
> what they'd like to contribute to the process?

I thought that's what I just did ... at least I meant to encourage people to come forward either by posting to the thread, private email, or IRC chat, and say "hey, I'd like to contribute ...".

Anyway, I'm not convinced our current package mantainer structure works all that well. In theory, I agree, but if someone who's not a maintainer for a package wants to i18n it, and the so-called package maintainer isn't doing anything, and it gets code-reviewed by an OCT member, be my guest.

Finally, we've never supported uninstall. Forums has never uninstalled, for example. I honestly don't find this a release show-stopper, though I definitely think it's something we should strive to fix. Which is why I put it on the list. But I could easily see there being other more important problems to fix.


7: Re: More worker bee jobs (response to 3)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
"We don't support uninstall"? Then what the heck are all those drop scripts for?