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Posted by Alfred Werner on
Is there a process for worker bees to contribute what they do back into the world?

The current setup allows committers to commit, with no clear place for anyone else to participate.

The three things I see being done in this community:
Branch/rewrite a module and host it on your own site. Might get picked up as part of the core someday (but probably not).

Create a module and post it to file-storage.

Describe in /bug-tracker how you would fix the problem. Wait for a core team member or committer to fix it.

Would it make sense to have a "lamer - we don't trust your code" branch where people could post or use patch-diff and file-storage or something?

How should this be done? I'm willing to help with stuff, but the way things are setup it's always been easy to convince myself that actually getting code to anyone would be too much of a hassle, and therefore not worth doing in the first place.