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18: Re: url abstraction (response to 1)
Posted by bill kellerman on

i know i replied to don last night and the reply isn't showing up.  this has happened a few other times in various replys/posts i've written.

i know how to submit a forum reply, i'm not an idiot.  has this happened to anyone else, or have i gone nuts??

20: Re: url abstraction (response to 18)
Posted by Jade Rubick on
I post more than anybody here (see -- I'm neck in neck with Dave), and I haven't noticed postings getting lost. Occasionally there are weird error messages, but even then, things go through usually.

But I'm not saying you're an idiot :-) You might just have gone nuts...

29: Re: url abstraction (response to 18)
Posted by bill kellerman on
ok.  i *am* an idiot after all.  have to admit it because it's so dumb.  i should have known the site wasn't losing my responses.

don't get in such a hurry that you forget to confirm the last screen and close your browser...  website 1 derek 0.