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22: Re: url abstraction (response to 19)
Posted by bill kellerman on
"...if abstraction is turned on, the proc generates the defined url format otherwise regular."

didn't explain what i'm talking about very clearly.

in order to try and manage internal links between resources and what type of url to use:

the site i work has internal links that change often.  i'd like a way to store internal and external links with a map to the content itself.  so, if i call a proc make_appropriate_hyperlink $pageid (or whatever identifying scheme and structure), it would return  if the url changes, i change it in the map, don't need to edit any html pages and don't have to set up redirects (except for user bookmarks).

so, the make_appr_hyperlink can check if abstraction for that subsite is on.  if so, it would instead return

the content mapping would be handled anyway, the abstraction is just an addition, and the pages don't know how or where they got their querystring values from -- just that they got them.