Forum OpenACS Q&A: HowTo Submit New package

Posted by Antonio Laterza on
Sorry for this question, I didn't found a way to find out an old  thread in this forum.

How can I submit a my package in openacs, hoping somebody can use and improve it?

2: New package billbook (response to 1)
Posted by Antonio Laterza on
Thanks to jim, that hellped me on irc.

I posted a package that I named billbook to the file-storage.
It is a little financial application. Many names used are in Italian language. If somebody is interested I'm ready to accept hints.


Posted by Jade Rubick on
Do we have a documented spot on the site where we say where new packages can be uploaded, etc.?

If not, "we" need to do this.

("we" means someone besidses me of course 😊