Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How do I serve up a directory without any perms, security, or cookies?

Moving serving of all public images to a separate non-OpenACS web server process seems like a common engineering approach for busy sites. However, how busy is "busy"?

It would be nice if the OpenACS toolkit can Do The Right Thing, such that the point where the user of OpenACS needs to dedicate engineering man-hours to special purpose scalability solutions is delayed as late in their site growth as is reasonably feasible. Ideally, a medium sized (but what does that mean exactly?) public site should be able to just use vanilla OpenACS (and thus AOLserver) without any special image-only web server, any special hacking of the OpenACS request processor, etc. etc.

Don, it sounds like OpenACS 5.0 already is doing this Right Thing with the new resources directory filter? How far does this seem to take stock OpenACS up the "scalability without extra man hours" curve? Is there anything else along these lines that OpenACS can or should consider doing in the future?