Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How do I serve up a directory without any perms, security, or cookies?

Although I see Don's point about making images be part of a package instead of in the www/ directory, that isn't always practical.

On my own personal site (, I wanted to upload my thesis, which contains about 80-85 images linked in from one HTML page, which was converted from Word of all things. Ug.

How am I supposed to upload this file?

#1 Make a new package, and put the images under a directory there?

#2 Put it in ETP? Well, that doesn't solve the image permissions problem, and it actually didn't work because the file was too big. It would time out on Safari (more than 60 seconds), and it wouldn't copy and paste into IE on the Mac, (probably for buffer-overflow protection reasons, they didn't want to allow you to paste that much text in?).

#3 Put it under www, in an .adp and .tcl file, and put the images under /www/images or something like that.

I can't imagine a better solution that #3 right now. #1 is just too much work. While not up to the ideal of engineering purity, it still seems like the best option. No?

I would argue this type of thing is common enough that we should provide some default support for it. Sure I can hack the request processor -- looks pretty easy, I think. But I don't think I'm the only one who will run across this situation.