Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How do I serve up a directory without any perms, security, or cookies?

Have to agree with Jade here. A per-package resources directory is nice, but there are other reasons than package templates for having the @http@ tag or similar functionality.

My hobby related website, just a bunch of HTML pages, has numerous pages with lots of large photos. It doesn't see much traffic, yet still it consumes an average of 31MB of bandwidth per day. I host the HTML on my DSL line at home in preparation for moving to AOLserver in the near future, but to conserve bandwidth I would still like to host the photos off site (which I do).

Having a global @http@ parameter would make it very simple for even a small outfit to host their own dynamic pages, while at the same time conserving precious bandwidth by letting their off-site ISP serve the bulk bandwidth for the in-document graphics.