Forum OpenACS Q&A: file-storage and file-manager

Posted by bill kellerman on
seriously...  tell me when i get annoying...

so far, my two package choices for managing static documents are file-manager and file-storage.  by themselves, they *kind* of work...

has there been any talk or work done on possibly combining the file-manager and file-storage packages into one file storage system with web publishing capabilities?

file storage would work exact the same, with an extra set of functionality to publish a particular version of your document or all documents under a set of directories to the web root on the filesystem.

issues would be syncing -- new items directly added to the file system would need to be imported into file-storage.

another would be handling roles and permissions on what folders per users, an easy way to assign those to folders, and the level of permissions granularity anyone cares about.

this would be a really simple and easy way to get a lot of management work done.  is there is any interest?  if so, i'll volunteer to see what i can get going.