Forum OpenACS Q&A: cookie problem with apache proxypass


in order to mix openacs and non-openacs functionality under the same domain I have set up some subdomains and used apache proxypass to redirect to my openacs instances.

This seems to work just fine. However, the difficulty is with cookie management. I have a weird difficulty where the persistent ad_user_login cookie is no longer set at all (though there is no problem at all with the non-persistent ad_session_id cookie), and there seems to be no attempt to set it, when I go via the apache subdomain. However, using the straight IP and port all seems to be well.

One thing I should add is that I have hard-wired our domain attribute so that the openacs cookies can be read from non-openacs areas of the site served by different subdomains, and the domain attribute is correctly set when for the session cookie via proxypass.

Another strange aspect of behaviour is that I notice that the persistent cookie set when I go directly via the IP and port (ie bypassing apache) does not try to set a domain attribute.

These behaviours suggest to me that there are differnt areas of the openacs where a cookie is set, not just under /acs-tcl. Am I right?

thanks very much,