Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Improved translation support

Posted by Anja Wicht on
Apart from the fact that we need at least a provisional solution for finding the context of messages, as Matthias Melcher has clearly pointed out in recent messages, it also seems to be a reasonable measure to remove all old messages from the listings. It isn't precisely productive to spend hours and hours searching the code for bits of information just to end up with a "maybe" solution which in the end isn't even needed because it happened to be an old string. Besides, the mixture of old and new messages causes terminological and consistency problems. Please can you attend to this soon and also see to it that the translation server with the eagerly awaited update works properly again (broken pages, bugs, translator mode or similar option)? There's a lot of translation work left to be done and we're running out of time, but currently it's just not possible to work properly.